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Elba Island, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and the International Cetacean Sanctuary, is such a concentration of history, culture, biodiversity, landscapes that it is unique in the Mediterranean and has obtained the recognition of “Biosphere “…

Ancient granite quarries with columns from the Roman era, remains of Villanovan villages, Romanesque churches from the Middle Ages, watchtowers and Pisan fortresses, sanctuaries, goats, traces of the ancient art of terracing everywhere and more: Napoleonic, archaeological and mineral museums, open pit and underground mines, Medici walls, underwater wrecks and ravines, sandy beaches, dunes and cliffs, food and wine tours, cultural and sporting events. A dense network of paths that from sea level reach the summit of Mount Capanne, natural sanctuaries of butterflies and orchids… lights, colors, perfumes, silences everywhere.

Elba an island to be discovered.

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All activities must be booked and it is advisable to request confirmation of the program from the INFO PARK Office tel 0565-908231, email: info@parcoarcipelago.info