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With a coastline of 147 km, the island of Elba is the largest among the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest of Italy. Elba is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes which make it unique in the Mediterranean; fine sandy beaches, high Cliffs, lush Mediterranean valleys, medieval villages perched on hills with beautiful views of the sea.

The island offers its visitors beautiful panoramas such as from the top of the mountain Monte Capanne, and also the areas with vines and fruits. It is difficult to find such a diverse area of ​​this size.

For lovers of trekking and mountain biking Elba offers a wide network of paths. The big Elba crossing path (GTE) is the main route, which crosses the island from east to the west.

Full of beaches and cliffs, the island offers many scenarios for snorkelers and divers; from the wreck of Pomona to the Scoglietto of Portoferraio. You can find coves and underwater canyons rich in marine fauna with many species of animals and large meadows of Posidonia.

In addition, the island offers museums of Napoleon and also Archaeological museums, mountains, the walls of the Medici family, watchtowers, Pisan and Romanesque churches, museums and even a mineral opencast provides old roman granite quarries, literary events, gastro events and sporting events at international level, in addition, there are also village festivals and historical festivals.

The island of Elba is waiting to be discovered.