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The Coast Costa del Sole includes the southwestern part of Elba Island, from Colle Palombaia to Colle d’Orano with panoramic views of the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica. Here you will find beautiful beaches with coves, cliffs, which are only accessible by foot or by sea, with beautiful panoramas and sunsets.

The “Costa del Sole” is not only sea and mountain, but also history. Here was the meeting of the miners, pastoralists and farmers. Typical of this coast are the Romanesque churches of the Middle Ages and the shepherds’ huts. The beauty of the “Costa del Sole” are the special lights, colors, flowers and the scents.

This is undoubtedly the most famous coast of Elba Island. But on the same time is the nature very sensitive and we need to keep it the way it is for the next generations.

And with this guardian spirit was born in the 1998 the association “Costa del Sole”, which advocates the preservation of habitats with environmental friendly tourism offerings, for the rediscovery of rural traditions and the promotion of artistic, historic and cultural sites in our area.