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For years, the Hotel Galli has adhered to the “Legambiente Turismo” eco-label aimed at accommodation facilities that adopt measures for eco-sustainable tourism and the promotion of local resources; in fact the energy used is “Certified Green Energy”, it also has a latest generation photovoltaic system and a charging station for electric cars.

Thanks to this commitment, we received another important recognition at the BTO in Florence: we were awarded at the 2017 Ecotourism Oscars in the “Climate Friendly” category for our interventions in favor of energy saving and installation of renewable energy systems.

Together … to improve the environment and the holiday:

  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Flow for saving water
  • Solar collectors for hot water treatment
  • Photovolataic systems
  • Column for the loading of electric cars
  • Reduction of single-package
  • Use of concentrated products, returnable bottles and refills
  • Recycling
  • Promoting the rational use of towels
  • Sensors on the balcony doors to air conditioning to stop with the doors open
  • Bicycles and information about the use of public transport is available
  • Mountain Bikes with pedal support
  • Containment of noise mainly in the night and guests are asked to put the ringtones of the mobile phones on mute
  • Using recycled paper for office and internal notes
  • The disclosure of information about natur, history and art
  • The cooperation with the National Park, Legambiente and the various local associations