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The B&B Hotel Galli is part of the “I Feel Greeen” project of accommodation structures with green energy certificate and electric vehicles. The hotel is indeed equipped with one of the latest generation of photovoltaic systems. In addition we offer a column for the loading of electric cars and two mountain bikes with pedal support.

The entire electricity for our hotel is won by Green-Energy in cooperation with the project partner “Energia Corrente”.

In addition, we have for years the Ecolabel “Legambiente Turismo” for accommodation structures, which stands for the measures for sustainable tourism and the promotion of local resources.

Together… for a better environment and a more enjoyable holiday:

  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Flow for saving water
  • Solar collectors for hot water treatment
  • Photovolataic systems
  • Column for the loading of electric cars
  • Reduction of single-package
  • Use of concentrated products, returnable bottles and refills
  • Recycling
  • Promoting the rational use of towels
  • Sensors on the balcony doors to air conditioning to stop with the doors open
  • Bicycles and information about the use of public transport is available
  • Mountain Bikes with pedal support
  • Containment of noise mainly in the night and guests are asked to put the ringtones of the mobile phones on mute
  • Using recycled paper for office and internal notes
  • The disclosure of information about natur, history and art
  • The cooperation with the National Park, Legambiente and the various local associations