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The Elba kitchen offers a poor cuisine based on the nature products: chestnuts, figs, grapes, herbs and fish.

The meat was usually chicken, rabbits and goats, as well as for the more fortunate, on Holydays, a pork.

All this was accompanied by bread: The homemade "Michette" was made twice a month and stored in jute bags. It was a great base for soups (bean soup, fish soup, squid soup) and tomato panzanella.

It is this simplicity that our kitchen makes good. We cook mainly with fresh seasonal products, and homemade pastas, traditional soups, meat and fresh fish and many traditional Mediterranean ... everything is cooked and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil.
We also offer a rich buffet of vegetables, fruits and salads. If the seasonal production enables us to serve you vegetables and fruits and salads from our garden.

In the wine of Elba you can find an antique flavor of the past millennium-old tradition of winemaking. On our wine list you'll find a big selection of red and white DOC wines and organic produce.

Our menu changes daily and offers a choice between 5 first courses, 4 second courses, side dishes buffet, fruit and dessert. Our guests can choose every day if they want to eat at the hotel.

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